MBA Admission Essay

MBA Admission Essay

MBA Admission Essay

I grew up in Beirut, Lebanon, at a time when the civil war had torn the city into two rivaling parts, the West, and East sides. My father was an accountant at the border zone between the two sections of the town. From an early age, I learned that he had to risk his life to make sure his family received the basic needs during that time of turmoil. That experience made me realize that determination is the key to success, and hurdles are no excuses for failures in life. My love for finance and management is drawn from attraction to the challenges that are associated with this profession. I chose this career because I wanted to be associated with success amidst difficult situations.


 I am a very big fan of competitive athletics and gymnastics. I have the habit of going to the gym for constant workout sessions after a long day at work. Burning calories helps the mind and muscles to relax and relieve stress from the body. I enjoy participating in sports like football, basketball, and squash because of their competitive nature. In high school, I was an active member of the school’s basketball team. There are teamwork participation and involvement in sports, which can be translated into office job to enable individuals to work in harmony with their workmates. I apply the same communication skills and teamwork energy that I use in the field to my workplace. I am a fan of different types of books that help me develop my personal character, away from the social world. I derive inspiration from authors like Robert Kiyosaki of the “Rich Dad/ Poor Dad” series and Gubran Khalil of the novel, “The Prophet”.

 I will bring experience, hard work, determination, and teamwork to the WBS MBA. My occupation as a Senior Investment Analyst entails a lot of political and financial understanding and decision-making. I have learned to incorporate different ideas from my workmates and mentors when making investment proposals. I am a hardworking person, and this makes me the right candidate to give best results when working in a normal environment or under pressure. I always meet even the shortest deadlines to beat or organize my office assignments.

  My short-term goals are to invest in paper assets and to complete my MBA in the next two years. Achieving these career ambitions will lead me to attain my long-term goals that are to achieve financial freedom and manage my real estate investments. In my life, I have learned that job security is the best form of investment that a person can be involved with in his or her years as an employee. My father lost his job at one time when I was growing up after the company that he was working for went into liquidation. I am working hard towards achieving my financial freedom status of investing in real estate. It is not an easy task, but I believe that hard work, determination, and perseverance will lead me to my dream career objective.

 Pursuing my MBA will give me the necessary managerial skills that are required for the success of controlling real estate businesses. Attaining this master’s will give me the right credential for sitting at the helm of big organizations and applying my knowledge towards steering them to financial success. The fact that my wife is Romanian has opened the opportunity for me to invest in Romania. Real estate business in the country is thriving, and it is my career aim to be a successful investor in the industry. I will apply the managerial concepts and theories that I will gain from this MBA to attain my dream as well as create job opportunities for thousands of people.


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