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A lot of students are interested in, so in order to help you learn more about this writing service, I decided to write a review about it.

To begin with, I have to say that Just Buy Essay is a writing service company that can help you with only a limited number of academic services and products. So, in order to write this review, I focused on the customer reviews of JustBuyEssay I found on the Internet and the company’s testimonials. I also explored their website and analyzed a paper written by them. The conclusion of this research can be found below.


What Does It Have to Offer?

First of all, let’s talk about the location of this company. On their website, claims that their headquarters are in Texas. However, if you go on the map on this location, you will find out that the address doesn’t really exist.

Therefore, it is possible that they use a false address to say that they are a US company, while they are obviously not. This, or they use a rented mailbox. Whatever the case, this thing alone should raise a little doubt in a customer’s mind.

Regarding the types of papers that you can order, these include essays, thesis and other types of academic writings. However, we will find out in the following paragraphs if their quality is good enough or not.

I also recommend you to check out this great video about JustBuyEssay -

The Quality of the Products

The customer reviews regarding the quality of Just Buy Essay’s products were mainly negative, with people complaining about the quality of the writing. Although your essay may be delivered within the deadline, it will contain lots of mistakes. This will make you believe that you are dealing with an unqualified writer that is also not a native English speaker.

A customer, for example, complained that the paragraphs of his essay didn’t have any main ideas, and the thesis was not clearly defined. Moreover, the grammatical errors were present too, being accompanied by bad usage of words. All these obviously indicate and demonstrate that what I said about the writers is definitely not false. The writer was simply not good enough in order to successfully finish the paper he was tasked with.

Moving on, the customer support was not very helpful, but at least it was polite. The courtesy however disappeared when the personnel was asked basic questions. Being unable to answer several common questions, even the one regarding the process of payment, the customer in need was left waiting for several minutes on the phone.    

Although the customer operator and the writer were both respectful, they simply couldn’t resolve any of the problems encountered by the client. Thus, I believe that both of them lack the basic training needed for doing their job.

Prices and Discounts

The prices of are within the average range of other similar writing services, charging you with no more than 14 dollars per page. However, the poor quality of the product may disappoint you and make you want to change your mind.

In terms of discounts, I couldn’t find any kind of promo code, coupon codes or special offers, no matter if you are a new customer or a former one. At least they have a blog though.


In conclusion, I have to agree with the bad rating and feedback that this company is getting, because of the poor quality of their customer service and their services. Therefore, I would not recommend to anyone.


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